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About YOU!

Who are You?

YOU want to improve your business. YOU want to sell. YOUR GOAL is to build a brand. YOU need the best quality human resources. YOU need a professional project management team take care of YOUR ambitious projects.
But YOU dont have a marketing strategy. YOU dont have a marketing team. YOU dont have a plan.
Growth is your mindset. Networking. Learning. Your zone is out of comfort.

About Proman

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Who we are & what we do

Proman is a creative full-service studio creating identities, campaigns, social strategy and content creation, writing projects, recruiting and education human resources, building up small businesses.
We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft.
We customize each marketing strategy and project to meet the needs of each client, from manufacture companies and online services to local, service-based businesses.
Our strategy is partnerships. Our focus is on YOU!

Our services


Full Marketing Services for Startups & Small-to-Medium Sized Companies


Recruitment, Analysis & Improvement of Human Resources


Project Proposal Writing & Project Execution

Management Consulting

Business Advice & Development


Murals Art & Arts of Design


Youth Capacity Building

Who we work with?



Patryk LesniarekeStoreLabs, Chief Growth Officer/ Vice President

Proman Consulting actively supports us in generating leads, thanks to which we can actively expand our business and develop on an increasingly larger scale. This company handles responsibility well, especially in terms of sales support. This company consistently produces high-quality work in a timely fashion. Our cooperation so far confirms that the company is reliable and professional. Proman Consulting has my highest recommendation and I firmly believe in their abilities.


Ana AnđelkovićDDOR Garant, CEO

It's amazing to work with a team of young people who do their work dedicatedly and very professionally. The support we receive from Proman Consulting in the area of online marketing is more than a service. First of all, the effort invested in an adequate understanding of what we do and our needs in the field of marketing makes our cooperation unique. The advice and ideas we receive from the Proman team open up new opportunities for us to further strengthen our brand and promote the industry of voluntary pension funds on the Serbian market.


Petar VeselinovićFaculty of Economics Kragujevac, The Dean / Dekan Fakulteta

As a long-time professor and a Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Kragujevac, I recognize the abilities of my colleague Strahinja Tirnanić for work in the field of management, i.e. human resources management. In accordance with that, our faculty have signed an agreement on the implementation of the mandatory professional practice of our master's students in his agency Proman Consulting. I had several opportunities to get acquainted with his teaching skills, and he became a permanent guest lecturer at our faculty.


Tjaša SobočanCEED Slovenia, Program Manager

Strahinja is a young entrepreneur with proactive engagement on topics of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We work together on international project ideas, where Strahinja shows initiative and enthusiasm as well as good team cooperation.


Iztok PetekLuxembourg Slovenian Business Club, Co-Founder

From the very beginning Strahinja was very motivated and enthusiastic in leadership by successfully coordinating the team of international interns and on several occasions he impressed my colleagues and me with his organisational skills as well as his ability of strategic thinking. Due to his global mindset he adapted quickly to the new type of non-hierarchical organisation and very successfully networked in the LSBC's and Slovenian business communities.


Boris JotićQPO Soft d.o.o., Co-Founder, CTO

We have been partnering with Proman Consulting for several years. We cooperated on several development projects, where director Tirnanić showed excellent organizational skills. Besides, his global "mindset" as well as excellent marketing skills, have contributed to the quality implementation of joint projects.


Eugene KoziavkinProcter & Gamble, Planning Specialist

During the work with Strahinja he recommended himself as a business professional. Under his supervision I gained essential and insightful knowledge’s in business and managerial spheres. Strahinja improved organizational workflow processes and implemented important managerial approaches and polices, as well put a big efforts in planning new development strategies for the LSBC.


Dr Nikola MirčićStomatološka ordinacija Mirčić, Stomatolog/Dentist

Thanks to the commitment of the Proman Consulting agency, we were able to share knowledge and information with our potential patients about how much is important oral health. If you want to improve the promotion of your services on social networks and achieve high-quality, professional, and at the same time, friendly cooperation with a marketing agency, then Proman Consulting is my warm recommendation. Dr. Nikola Mirčić


Jelena TodorovićMedijator Jelena Todorović, Owner

If you are looking for a professional team that will help you build your personal brand on social networks, Proman Consulting is my highest recommendation.


Ngọc Anh LươngHanoi International Cooperation Study Abroad Company, Marketing Manager

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Strahinja Tirnanić. As a Program Director of LSBC, he has guided me with full of thoughtfulness as well as professionalism. But also, with enthusiasm he always want to learn from others, even young people to learn more new things and challenge himself. His ability to juggle multiple tasks was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of LSBC when we have to work remotely.

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